The Art of Sexuality in Ancient China


The Art of the Bedroom constitutes the pinnacle of human emotions and follows the Supreme Way(Tao). Hence, The Saint Kings of antiquity regulated the external passions of men in order to control the internal passions and created specific rules regarding intimate relations. Those who regulate their sexual pleasures will feel at peace and will have a long life

Epigraph from a collection of books on the Art of the Bedroom(fangzhongshu 房中樹). 

Han Dynasty

Sex Manuals have been present in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. During some periods of China's long history the study of sexuality was done in great detail, yet during other periods it was condemned by Confucian and Buddhist officials. Studies that showed such kind of openness found in ancient China are, comparatively speaking, very recent in the West. In contrast, in China since the Han Dynasty(221 BCE- 24 CE) it was possible to find many detailed works on the subject.

One of the most important aspects that surprised Chinese Taoists when they began to have contact with the West was the prohibited treatment that the subject of sex had at the time - something that only happened only after the advent of Christianity and was not part of the Greco-Roman world. Tha ancient Taoists used an abundance of poetic terminology to explain sexual practices which provides an artistic treatment to the subject of sexuality. In this way they were able to display great creativity and wisdom while avoiding censorship and control.

The great amount of sexual dysfunctions in contemporary society serves as the main motivation for the creation of this webpage. The main reason is to continue the long tradition of teaching and providing access to the ancient sexual manuals, traditionally used to educated couples in a healthy and responsible way.

Another important aspect is to provide an alternative way to develop the most sublime expression of love.
Hedonism conceals the greatness in which the sexual relation could become as a way to strengthening couples and, hence, the family.


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