The Art of Sexuality in China


The ancient sexual teachings were mainly transmitted through sex treatises or manuals. These texts were widely distributed and conceived as guides for couples, but mainly for the head of the family. The texts taught both men and women how to have healthy children and how live long and happy lives by practicing harmonious sexual relations. The manuals also explain different positions for having relations and were sometimes given as gifts to the bride in order to have her prepared to fully satisfy her future husband. For this reason the manuals were kept next to the bed and were consulted while making love or to stimulate a shy partner.

Selections from the Notes of the Bedchamber(房內記)

The five feminine signs

The Yellow Emperor asked: "¿How can I know if a woman is close to having an orgasm?

The Simple Girl answered: "A woman presents five signs and five desires, in addition to ten ways in which she moves her body during the relation". These are the five signs:

First: she blushes, now the man can come close to her. Second, her nipples become hard and her nose is humid, then the man can enter into her slowly. Third, her mouth becomes dry and she swallows her saliva, then the man can begin to move slowly inside of her. Fourth, her private parts become wet, then the man can penetrate her deeply. Fifth, the secretions for her private parts fall over her buttocks, then the man can move as he wishes.


The Five Femenine Desires

The Simple Girl said: "Through the five desires one can understand a woman's reaction. First, if she is thinking of having relations, her breathing will become irregular. Second, if her vagina wishes to have relations, then her nostrils and mouth will open up. Third, if her sexual energy desires to become exited, she will move her body. Fourth, if she wants to satisfy her desire, the liquid coming from her private parts will wet her clothes. Fifth, if she is about to have an orgasm, she will extend her body and close her eyes.

The nine positions

The Yellow Emperor asked: I have heard about the nine positions, but I do not know how to practice them. I would like you to explain how to practice them. I want you to explain them to me, so that I know their ends. I will guard and practice these secrets carefully.

The Enigmatic Girl answered: the first of the nine positions is called

The Flying Dragon.The woman is on her back, the man positions himself over her with his knees placed on the bed. The woman opens the Portal of Jade and the man, from above, inserts his Jade Stalk inside the Cave with the form of a grain. Then he begins to move slowly, with eight shallow motions and two deep and must enter softly and withdraw hard. Then he should stimulate the superior part of the Portal of Jade. If these motions are done with the right purchase, the woman will receive great satisfaction and will become wild with joy.

The second position is called

The Tiger's Walk.One must place the woman n her knees facing down with her buttocks raised and her head down. The man comes from behind and embraces her. Then he inserts the Jade Stalk in her interior. He must penetrate her deeply and continuously with five short motions and eight deep ones. The right rhythm will develop spontaneously and then her private parts will contract and open with the motions, then she will produce so much liquid that it will emanate out of her. When this happens, then one should rest. Then the hundred sicknesses will be prevented and the man will have more vigor.



The Third position is called

The Jumping Monkey.The woman is placed face up and the man raises her legs until her knees touch her breasts and her buttocks and lower back are raised in the air. Then, he inserts the Jade Stalk into the Fragant Mouse. When the woman becomes excited then her liquid will pour like abundant rain. The man will presses her down, as if he was feeling enraged. One must stop once the woman has reached orgasm and the hundred sicknesses will be cured on their own.

The Fourth position is called

Mating Cicadas.. The woman lies face down and the man lies in top of her. Then the man inserts his Jade Stalk inside of her Red Pearl by lifting her buttocks. If he moves with six brief motions and nine deep ones then her private parts will flow with abundant liquid and contract with pleasure. The man must finish after she has reached orgasm and this will cure the seven pains.

The Fifth position is called

The Mounting Turtle. The woman lies on her back and her legs and lifted. The man pushes her feet until her legs touch her breasts. Then he inserts deeply his Jade Stalk until he reaches her deepest valley. He must penetrate her in the appropriate measure aiming for her center. This will bring the woman great pleasure and her body will move while her private parts become wet with many liquid. The man must penetrate her deeply and then withdraw when the woman has reached orgasm; if you guard your vital energy your strength will increase a hundred times.




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